Premium Trucking’s Executive Management team excels at organizing information and facts for events to help ensure that all customers are able to have their needs met without any unwanted surprises. Here at Premium Trucking we combine patience, determination and persistence to troubleshoot potential client issues and are skilled at evaluating options and generating solutions in any situation.

Premium Trucking™ is owned and operated by Eric Kaplan, an American businessman and conventions expert based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mr. Kaplan first started Premium Trucking™ in early 2012 as an asset for his own convention business, Premium Exhibits, Inc.

“I have been involved in every aspect of the conventions industry for over 15 years. As a customer allocating transport demands, I witnessed firsthand the difficulties of finding a quality transport company at an affordable rate. That’s why, when I started Premium Trucking™, I aimed to make the necessary changes to offer our clients the very best for their dollar.”

Eric Kaplan, CEO Premium Trucking

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Our goal is to ensure that your trade show shipping experience is a pleasant one.

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